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MacTopos 5 Arizona

Your high-resolution topo map solution on DVD or by download
DVDs or Flash Drive:
  • USGS maps for the entire state in three scales: 250K, 100K and super-detailed 24K.
  • US Forest Service 24K maps for selected areas.
  • Each 24K map measures about 7 x 8.5 miles.
  • Includes MacElevation™ data so you can plot your altitude before your next adventure!
  • Install any or all of these 2047 USGS maps and 504 just updated Forest Service maps on your Mac, or use them directly from the DVDs or Flash Drive.
MacTopos 5 Arizona on DVD
[Submit]  $49.99 $39.99 for three DVDs  
MacTopos Arizona on 16 GB USB Flash Drive
[Submit]  $39.95 $29.95
Downloads of USGS 24K Maps:
Arizona N of 34°, E of -111.5°  coveragecoverage
Arizona N of 34°, E of -111.5°

[Submit]  $8.99 $7.99    0.98 GB 
Arizona N of 34°, W of -111.5°  coveragecoverage
Arizona N of 34°, W of -111.5°

[Submit]  $8.99 $7.99    1.38 GB 
Arizona S of 34°, E of -111.5°  coveragecoverage
Arizona S of 34°, E of -111.5°

[Submit]  $8.99 $7.99    1.12 GB 
Arizona S of 34°, W of -111.5°  coveragecoverage
Arizona S of 34°, W of -111.5°

[Submit]  $8.99 $7.99    0.85 GB 

Not a stand-alone product.
Requires MacGPS Pro™ navigation software.
(available separately)
for display on the Mac screen and printing.
Please note that topo maps are not street maps.
MacTopos are for backroading, camping, biking, skiing, kayaking, hiking, backpacking, 4 wheel driving, and geocaching. They are for recreation and not for finding street locations or addresses in a city.
Leaving the highway is when your adventure really starts!

Actual screen capture from a MacTopos 5 Arizona Map
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