What Our Users Think About MacGPS Pro

Hear firsthand from our many satisfied customers who trust MacGPS Pro for their on land and at sea navigation needs.

MacGPS Pro on land.

"This has been an EXCELLENT software program and your support and dedication to maintaining it are OUTSTANDING. There are a lot of software vendors that could learn from your example. I am MORE than willing to pay this and more for such an upgrade considering I know from past experience that the follow on support will be superb. THANKS FOR A GREAT PRODUCT!"

- Henry in Colorado

"You and I have chatted on the phone a couple of times about your excellent software.  I wanted to let you know how well it worked for planning  a trip in arctic of Sweden.  I scanned a paper map, used my limited Swedish to find the datum and projection, entered a few points and produced a really useful digital map complete with waypoints downloaded to my GPS.  Yours is truly a great product.  I look forward to using it frequently in the future. It is lean and elegant.  Bravo."

- Prof. Hobbs in Colorado

"I hooked it up and all looks fine. Lat./Long., speed, altitude and tracking were all right on. Just in time for the weekend! Thank you for such a quick response and fix. I am a Technology Coordinator for a school district and know the demands and problems of this business. You stand out as one of the best companies I have had the pleasure of doing business with. Thank you for the excellent support and great product."

- Joseph Valentino, Technology Coordinator, Gateway Regional HS District

"I find MacGPS Pro invaluable for my work. Last week I became the first person to ever ride a motorcycle (or any motor vehicle) on all seven continents. I'm now in Madrid and Africa was the last continent. MacGPS Pro has recorded the whole two-year venture. And I do appreciate it"

- David in Australia

"I'm a complete novice with respect to computers and GPS's -- just bought a basic Garmin eTrex 2 weeks ago. After searching the web for something that would connect the eTrex to a Mac, I ran across your MacGPS Pro. There were very good reviews so I took a chance and called you. I've never bought any software over the net, never from an individual, and never through email delivery. I ordered your MacGPS Pro . . . downloaded and calibrated my first map . . . and transferred a saved track to a topo map on the iMac. I can't believe it! I would recommend you and your MacGPS Pro to anyone. Your software and hardware work as advertised! Thank you for all the thought and work you obviously put into this product"

- Dan in Pennsylvania

"I've been using MacGPS Pro for about a year now and that's the main thing that I like about it. They tend to mail updates every few months or so. Don't be put off by the fact that they don't have a demo version available for download on their website, it will do all that you need."

- Donovan, posted on Groundspeak Geocaching Forum

"I have been trying to get 439 waypoints off an older Garmin 111 for several weeks in (name of competition) and been frustrated with file format issues could not transfer to the new Garmin 296 despite using every file format available. MacGPS Pro did it all in seconds."

- Gary in Australia

"MacGPS Pro ROCKS! I didn't think MacGPS Pro could become more useful but the feature to stitch maps together is great. Thank you so much for continuing to improve your software. There is no other GPS software in the Mac Universe that compares to your product."

- Mike in Arizona

"There is nothing that compares to MacGPS Pro from Larry James. It allows for calibration of a background map to the GPS coordinate system (LatLon or UTM), and has two-way transfers of waypoints, tracks and routes between the GPS and Mac. My favorite way to use it is to make a 2D map from the USGS 100K DLG data showing roads and water features (creeks and lakes) and calibrate it using MacGPS Pro using tick marks of known lat./long .at the map corners. I then capture a track by clicking along the trails that I will be hiking or skiing. I then download this to the GPS and, voila, I have an exact map of my route in the GPS, not the "as the crow flies" stick-map that the route display produces. I then add a few significant waypoints for trail crossings and points of interest (nearby peaks, springs, waterfalls, etc.). With this system I almost never have to take my topo map out of the pack, and just use the GPS and compass. The cost of the software is very modestly priced for its feature set and he sends out frequent upgrades via email that are more feature additions than bug fixes. I have no association with Larry other than as a very satisfied user."

- John in Santa Clara, CA

"I have just gotten into geocaching - found my first cache yesterday. The groundspeak forums have a very good review of your MacGPS Pro as it relates to geocaching. I must also say that you and your company give some of the best customer service around. I will always recommend you as a source of GPS products for that reason. Thanks again!"

- Colin in Iowa

"Just want to say thanks for your incredible efforts in satisfying your customers! MacGPS Pro is a wonderful product. I spent my recent one-week-holiday biking around my home area with the GPS mounted on the bike. Then I did a very high quality coloured scan of a 1:100 000 topographical map of that area and used it with the MacGPS. The result was amazing! I never expected the accuracy in the display and I never expected the accuracy of the GPS. I am very excitedly looking forward to use this technique during an archaeological expedition to Sudan. Your comfortable handling of software delivery/update and the reasonable pricing are exemplary. Please go on like this!"

- Andreas in Germany

"Just wanted to let you know that you write an awesome program here. Upon downloading, I hit some of the USGS sites to get some maps with which I'm familiar to play with and familiarize myself with your program. Took a little fooling around before I hit the right information in your instructions to get the maps open, but once there, (and it really couldn't be simpler) I was delighted to hit and have it put a little pink (or is it chartreuse?) diamond EXACTLY where the coordinates for our cabin in Montana is. We have an eTrex and I saved the cabin site as a waypoint last summer. I used the coordinates straight off the eTrex. This is really cool! I'm going to see if some others in my family are interested in this and I'll have you charge my credit card for any additional copies. I'm a firm believer in paying for intellectual property and at this price it's already a steal. Again, thanks for a great product!"

- Bob in Colorado

"When I undertook the job of running a horse ride over the pony express trail I needed to set up the routes so that I could down load them to the participants GPS units. I searched for a mapping program that would allow me to enter WPT data and then manipulate that data to create individual courses on a daily basis. As I searched the various companies, I found that no one, to my dismay, offered anything that would work on a Mac. I finally broke down and bought a PC and went back to the software companies to find software that I could use. Each of them would have a different set of capabilities but none would be able to do all that I needed. I was indeed frustrated and finally called someone who suggested I call Dr. James. I did and when he told me that his software could do all I needed and more I was ecstatic. He then said that unfortunately it would not work on a PC and I was once again disappointed, thinking that it must be a UNIX program. I was obviously overjoyed to find that the only software that I could find that would meet all of my requirements was designed for a MAC.

"I was able to download all of the routes and waypoints into the Mac, manipulate the data to suit my needs and then download it all back to the participant's GPS receivers. During the planning stages of the ride I had offers from more than a few 'computer hacks' who would be able to organize all of the data and get it to work. When we showed up in St. Joseph at the beginning of the ride we had a meeting to show all of the participants how to use the GPS units. There were several people who were still trying to find a way to take the WP data off the spreadsheets and put it into their computers and receivers. I wish Apple Inc. could have been there to watch the mayhem. The short story is that within an few minutes we were able to take the receivers from over 75 participants and download the weeks' routes into their units, using three Mac Laptops. Of the three or four PC users, there was only one who was able to finally figure out how to upload the data into his program, manipulate it and then download it. That was the good news, the bad was that it took him over two weeks to get it done. Those of us with the Macs had a wonderful time rubbing it in.  

"Bottom line is that this is great software that works all of the time and does far more than this computer-challenged person can handle. I continue to put on long-distance horse rides and use and recommend the MacGPS Pro software exclusively. Thanks for such a great product."

- Dr. David Nicholson, XP Rides in Utah

MacGPS Pro at Sea.

"The program works great. I work on a research ship, and I'm currently out in the middle of the Pacific on my way from the middle of nowhere to Kauai. I was able to tap into one of the numerous GPS serial feeds we have in the labs, grab a chart CD from the bridge, and load up a BSB chart. I'm now enjoying my own underway data system independent of what the bridge is doing with the dynamic positioning system screens.

"MacGPS Pro allows me to hook pretty much any GPS to it, and I can upload waypoints and the like to my Garmin eTrex handheld GPS without using the windows software...The other great thing about MacGPS Pro is the ability to use just about anything as a base map. I stole the bridge's digital chart CDs and was able to import all of the NOAA/BSB digital charts. But the real power lies in the ability to use any old scanned image, even someone's crude MSPAINT.EXE stick figure map, as a base map, as long as it's to scale and has known points that you can georeference. That means I can take scanned USGS topo quads, click on a couple of known points, and voila, my own topo map with my current position overlaid. It will even do the projection changes for me. The digital chart I'm viewing is using NAD83 datum in a Mercator projection, but my GPS feed (the ship's Trimble Tasman P-Code) is WGS-84."

- Geoff in the South Pacific

"Anyone with a Garmin and a Mac should own this software... I use this software while sea kayaking in Alaska... I have used MacGPS Pro for seven years or so and nobody that sees it demonstrated is less than astounded. I have PC friends that have bought Macs just so they could use it. It has saved my life twice for sure and kept me out of trouble more often than I probably will ever know... I have no connection to MacGPS Pro other than I use it and like it. A lot."

- Bud in Alaska

"I have used MacGPS Pro for many years in my travels from the Western Pacific to the Arctic (I am a Navy officer specializing in submarines). Your program is superb but it is your customer service which puts it 'over the top'."

- F.J.D. in Virginia

"I'm incredibly pleased with MacGPS Pro. This is a fantastic and wonderful product. In the realm of commercial software your product competes along with any product put out by a 'big name' company. The coding is solid, the instructions and manuals are very detailed, the program is easy to use and it's incredibly robust. I'm truly thankful to you for making this incredible program for the Mac community. In the weeks since I've been using it I've delighted my friends and sailing buddies with information and graphics about our trips, I've improved my racing by using the important data the program provides and most importantly I've had fun using the software"

- Nojan in Washington

"I'm a dedicated customer who has been using MacGPS Pro for a few years. I use an old Garmin with a serial-USB adaptor with an iBook...thanks very much for your continuing updates to MacGPS Pro. I have sailed many thousands of miles with it, sometimes a few hundred miles offshore."

- Nat in New Hampshire

"The program is really quite something. I am going to be demonstrating it at a sailing seminar next week...I am hooked. Can't wait to get on the Mediterranean in June!"

- James in Germany

"I want to tell you of my extreme satisfaction with your program MacGPS Pro -- I have been sailing on the Chesapeake Bay for several years, and never could justify the expense of a dedicated chart plotter. Now, my Powerbook accompanies me, and your program provides real-time navigation ... and additional functionality beyond that of normal paper charts. Thanks again for a great product."

- John in Maryland

"I have used this program cruising the Gulf islands and across Georgia strait last summer with great results. It is so nice to just look at the chart, which is an exact copy of the paper one I have in my hand, and see where we are with all the GPS input data displayed in a box at the top, including satellite signal strength."

- Nick in Victoria, B.C.

"Pre-plotting courses have saved my prop from reef damage on several trips while opening up a popular bay for exploration outside of marked channels."

- Dean in Hawaii

"Just want you to know, you are a good guy. Have used my GPS and your software sailing all over the San Francisco Bay. Also took it windsurfing with me, where I clocked a maximum of 28.5 MPH"

- Bill in California

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