Preventing Piracy…

We have received inquires about MacGPS Pro being obtained from other sources for free or at a reduced price. I need to warn the Mac GPS community.

We have never given permission to any "distributors" to sell or give away MacGPS Pro. In spite of what some of them claim, the only legitimate place to purchase or receive free updates of MacGPS Pro is from this website.

    What do you get if you buy it here?

What do you get if you try to obtain it elsewhere?

A guaranteed virus-free copy of MacGPS Pro: You will get the very latest version, straight from the Master copy, free of any questionable additions or modifications.

Free updates after initial purchase: Until we have a major upgrade, you will get email notification and free downloads of all updates directly from us.

Discount on Major Upgrades: Every year or two, we release a major upgrade. As a current customer, you can purchase this at a deeply discounted price.

Great customer support: We believe in treating our customers the way that we want to be treated - both by email and by phone.

Privacy Protection of your information: We will never sell, rent, or give your name, address, telephone number or email address to any third party. We will never spam anyone by obtaining an email list from someone else.

Secure ordering: Charges process electronically from our secured website to, a leader in its field. We do not store credit card numbers on our site. Our site is also tested regularly by Trustwave and secured by Comodo, insuring a safe connection to your computer.

Least Damage: Arriving at a site covered with ads, you click on a download link. You arrive at another page full of ads and then another. As you click link after link going around in circles on their site, they get paid for showing you the ads, and you get no software.

More Damage: The site requests registration before you can download the software. Now, they have your email address added to their multiple spam lists. If you provide more information, your credit card will be charged. In addition to never receiving the software, you are now a victim of identity theft.

Most Damage: Some sites actually send you a download of "something". I personally checked the file size of these various downloads, which does not match the file size in any way of the real MacGPS Pro. Under their modified file size, it is probable that "their" version of MacGPS Pro has some code in it, which can cause major problems on your Mac, such as spying on or erasing your computer data, photographs, music, credit card numbers, and passwords.

The Web World is wonderful technology, but…

Please stay safe,

Larry James

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