Read what the whole world has to say about MacGPS Pro.

Macworld USA  magazine

"Off-Road Journeys...Outdoor enthusiasts, explorers, and scientific users will be right at home with MacGPS Pro because it's the only Mac mapping program that includes acreage, nautical mileage, and other specialized units of measure...MacGPS Pro works primarily with raster-based maps  -  anything from those produced by the U.S. Geological Survey and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Agency to maps that you draw and scan in yourself...MacGPS Pro does sport a set of serious travel-logging features. When you import a waypoint from your GPS device into MacGPS Pro, you can attach a file to it  -  handy if you have a digital photograph of the waypoint location...MacGPS Pro is better for hiking and geographic exploration."

MacWorld  Australia  magazine

"Works with all Garmin and Magellan GPS receivers for transferring waypoints, routes and tracklogs and GPS sat almanacs from handheld to desktop, and works with almost all GPS receivers for real-time display of a location on a map in a desktop window. Maps can be imported from various websites, which automatically calibrate maps with MacGPS Pro. There's also support for newer Bluetooth-enabled GPS receivers and modes for both land-based and nautical navigation."

MacWorld Sweden  magazine

(Translated) "MacGPS Pro is a very smart program authored by Dr. Lawrence James, who spends much personal effort in both development and support. It is one of the more multifaceted programs and functions equally well on the sea and on land. It supports Magellan, Garmin and other GPS brands."

GPS for  dummies

"James Associates makes MacGPS Pro, a product for interfacing GPS receivers. The company hosts a list of United States and international free map sources."

Applicando  Italy

"...incredible ease of use, and the excellent interface of MacGPS Pro, a program that keeps surprising..."

Overland   Journal

"For me, MacGPS Pro stands out as the tool of choice by a long stretch. Since I collect maps, it allows me to use them, it has plenty of navigation tools, and interfaces with all the GPS devices I own. It also makes playing with a maps fun, and turns my digital map library into a new Times Atlas for planning and dreaming." - "Intelligent cartography: Mac mapping solutions" by Graham Jackson, Executive Director.

Loisirs  Nautiques

(Translated) "Mac users will be happy to find navigation software adapted to their computer, since the majority of the market runs on a PC. MacGPS Pro is compatible with most GPS receivers, Maptech BSB raster charts, and charts developed in conjunction with the Dutch company Stentec."

Applicando  Ital

(Translated) "As far as finding something equivalent to OziExplorer, it is easily done: you should get MacGPS Pro...[it] will let you connect to an enormous quantity of GPS receivers..."

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