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Explore your world, track your progress, and relive your outdoor journeys with MacGPS Pro. View, Print and Share maps and charts overlaid with your data.

MacGPS Pro Version 10.4.6
Software for Georeferenced Maps & Charts
  Updated 3/31/17  

The perfect navigation software to seamlessly integrate your Mac with your iPhone, iPad or GPS receiver to make every adventure better.

Maps & Charts for MacGPS Pro

A comprehensive map and chart collection, featuring our detailed MacTopos USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia maps.

MacBSB official NOAA USA Marine Charts.

Integrate your iPhone with your Mac
Plan your adventure on
your Mac with MacGPS Pro and its maps and charts. Transfer your waypoints
and routes to your iPhone, using our iHikeGPS or iSailGPS apps. Relive your outdoor journey by transferring your tracks
back to your Mac.





"Geared towards campers, bikers, hikers, and boaters. It can also be your secret weapon in the GPS- enabled treasure-hunting pastime known as geocaching..." - Macworld. More.

"Planning hiking routes is now so easy  -  and I love loading the trail afterwards to see where I actually went!" - Chris in Yorkshire, UK. More.

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