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MacBSB™ 2 NOAA Marine Charts

High Resolution NOAA charts for the USA waters

  • Scan resolution has been increased to 400 dpi from 254 dpi for higher image quality in version 2.
  • Works with MacGPS Pro navigation software for viewing on the Mac screen to depict the location of the shoreline, minimum water depths, aids and hazards to navigation, and more.
  • Georeferencing enables your computer, connected to a supported GPS receiver, to locate and display the vessel's exact position.
  • Contains coastal charts for the entire US mainland, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.
  • Up-to-date charts with the August 3, 2017 revisions.
  • The same BSB-format RNC charts that are available to download at no cost from NOAA, but in a more convenient DVD format which is much faster to install.
MacBSB™ 2 NOAA Marine Charts
[Submit]  $29.99 $19.99 for two DVDs
Shipping within the US, to Canada, and internationally is available.

Works with
MacGPS Pro™ navigation software.
(available separately)
for display on the Mac screen and printing.

MacBSB Marine Charts DVDs feature NOAA USA charts for the following regions:
Region   2:    Block Island, RI to the Canadian Border Region 15:    Pacific Northwest: Puget Sound to the Canadian Border
Region   3:    New York to Nantucket and to Cape May, NJ Region 17:    Mobile, AL to the Mexican Border
Region   4:    Chesapeake and Delaware Bays Region 22:    Lake Superior and Lake Huron (US Waters)
Region   6:    Norfolk, VA to Florida. Includes Intracoastal Waterway Region 24:    Lake Erie and Saint Clair (US Waters)
Region   7:    Florida East Coast and the Keys Region 26:    Lake Ontario (US Waters), Finger Lakes and Lake Champlain
Region   8:    Florida West Coast and the Keys Region 26:    Lake Ontario (US Waters), Finger Lakes and Lake Champlain
Region 10:    Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands Region 30:    Southeast Alaska
Region 12:    Southern California: Point Arena to the Mexican Border Region 32:    South Central Alaska: Yakutat to Kodiak
Region 13:    Lake Michigan Region 34:    Alaska: The Aleutians and Bristol Bay
Region 14:    San Francisco to Cape Flattery Region 36:    Alaska: Norton Sound to Beaufort Sea
  Region 40:    Hawaiian Islands and US South Pacific Territories

Actual screen capture from a MacBSB™ 2 NOAA Marine Charts DVD.

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