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MacTopos Australia

Topo Maps from Geoscience Australia

  • Contains the entire country at 250K scale.
  • Each 250K map measures approximately
    98 miles x 68 miles.
  • Any or all of these 513 compressed Geoscience Australia maps can be installed on your Mac for use, or used directly from the DVD.
  • All maps are guaranteed georeferenced and ready to use with MacGPS Pro.
MacTopos Australia
[Submit]  $19.99 $14.99 for one DVD
Shipping within the US, Australia and internationally is available.

Please note that topo maps are not street maps.
MacTopos are for backroading, camping, skiing, hiking, backpacking, 4 wheel driving, biking, kayaking, and geocaching. They are for recreation and not for finding street locations or addresses in a city.
Leaving the highway is when your adventure really starts!

Works with
MacGPS Pro™ navigation software.
(available separately)
for display on the Mac screen and printing.

Actual screen capture from a MacTopos Australia DVD.

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